What is allowed?

Anything is allowed to be published on the website, as long as it is legal in Germany/EU and you have the rights to publish it.

However there are some exceptions to this. All malware or files that could be potentially malicious/harmful to others computers are automatically removed.

Do you keep logs of uploaded works?

No logs are kept of users IPs, information or anything like that. The only information we get from you is your uploaded file.

Can you remove my copyrighted work?

If you find that your copyrighted work has been uploaded without your consent, please message abuse@scam.cat with all of the relevant information.

Can you remove works that are defaming me or otherwise infringing my non-copyright rights?

Same applies as the rule before, as in you will have to message us. During this time the file will be taken down until we can prove anything. Please allow up to 24 hours for dealing with these cases.

Can you remove illegal works?

Please contact the appropriate law enforcement agency if you notice illegal works hosted on scam.cat. We have not been trained or qualified to investigate and fight crimes and enforce the law, so it's not appropriate to send accusations of illegal activity to us. You must contact the appropriate law enforcement office. They may then contact us if appropriate.

If you are a German law enforcement official and you need our assistance, please contact abuse@scam.cat. If you are a law enforcement official from another country, we may voluntarily cooperate if the crime you are investigating would also be illegal in Germany.

I have a question...

Send us an email at info@scam.cat and lets talk! Or if it is more urgent, please check the contacts page for more information.